Rails to Roads and the Million Dollar Camp records the history of the Gordon River logging camp from the author's personal recollections and interviews with retired loggers who worked at the camp.  The period covers the time from the establishment of Western Forest Industries in 1946 to the closing in 1981 with notes and timelines to 2008 on the ownership changes to the former timber holdings of WFI.  The book focuses on the Gordon River camp but shows the impact of outside economic forces that had a direct impact on camp life and the sawmill at Honeymoon Bay, BC.  

The story covers the transition from railwlay logging to truck road logging and the changes to camp life as the owners sought to improve efficiencies by reducing manpower through technology, mechanization and work practices.  The changes transformed camp life from a thriving family community to finally an abandoned camp that served as a field office in the final years of operation.  Gordon River camp in its heyday would have over 400 workers at BC finest camp.  At the closing in 1981, 100 Gordon River loggers and 200 Honeymoon Bay sawmill workers lost their job when the fateful announcement was made on October 21, 1981.

The Story of Gordon River by Bill Gibson