Cowichan Lake Train Station

Cowichan Lake Train Station Exhibit (circa 1913) currently under construction.


Pioneer Life

This exhibit details the history of European settlement in the Cowichan Lake region beginning in the late 1890s.

IWA Room

The IWA Room features articles, photographs, and various artefacts relating to the history of the IWA, the International Woodworkers of America, the largest union in Western Canada since 1946.

These displays recreate an example of the general stores and post offices that would have existed in early 20th century Lake Cowichan.

Mill Room

The Mill Room features photographs, artifacts, and the history of the major mills in operation around Cowichan Lake.

DSC02321 (2).jpg
Bell Tower School

The Bell Tower School was the primary and largest school for Lake Cowichan and housed all grades.

Mesachie School

Built in 1956, the museum grounds contain the Mesachie Lake School, renovated and preserved for museum use.

WW2 and Lake Cowichan

This exhibit details the history of the RCAF within the Lake Cowichan area, including information and artifacts related to the numerous crashed planes found over the decades around the lake.

Main Lobby Displays

The main lobby is home to several displays relating to the history of Lake Cowichan and the surrounding region.

External Exhibits and Rolling Stock

Exhibits include model engines and equipment for logging and locomotives on site.

Mailing Room & General Store