Trevor Green spent his long life beside the Cowichan River.  Born in 1912, he lived at Greendale, his family's homestead just east of the village of Lake Cowichan on Vancouver Island, BC.  The location seemed enchanted, offering enormous scope for an imaginative boy to dream and grow.  He became a man who loved to watch life's passing parade, writng a daily journal and many stories about the people and events he saw - over more than nine decades - as the heritage river flowed by his front door.  History takes on a comforable familiarity in the hands of this good-humoured but sharp-eyed observer.  All the telling details that make small town life a joy can be found in his work, including many unique characters and their struggles to deal with progress as a new century rushed towards them.


Trevor Green was a legendary story teller, and readers of Memories of Cowichan Lake can experience the magic of his encounters with "the Woman who became a Bird", "Old Tom", "Ellen", and others.  His tales of pioneer life, such as "Hewers of Wood" and "And Drawers of Water", along with his recollections of an early Greendale Christmas and his first-person account of the terrible fire at Lake Cowciah High School in the 1960's, demonstate the superb eye for what's going on around him that make his stories impossible to put down.  

Memories of Cowichan Lake by Trevor Green, Tony Green and Lexi Bainas